This webpage acts as the navigation point for viewing the artworks that accommodate my Masters in Visual Art. Functioning alongside my printed art object / book 'Catalogue Art Book', it acts as an exhibition for my practical works while also providing me with the opportunity to display snippets of my work process. In lieu of a physical exhibition, these components allow a means of curating the display of my works. 

This page provides an  explanation of how to use my Catalogue Art Books, as can be accessed in the navigation panel below, and also provides a gallery of relevant artworks. The gallery consists of images and details of my alternative photographic artworks, curated amidst short video art pieces. These video pieces  work in conjunction with my photographic prints to visually allude to the processes behind their making, the importance of which is elaborated upon in Chapter Five of my dissertation. 

My gallery of artworks has been divided into three sections to make the navigation and viewing of artworks more streamlined. Video pieces will play on a loop once clicked on.