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This gallery has a selection of works that provide an overview of my artistic practice.

I work with variety of processes, integrating both traditional and digital means of working to achieve a final result. For the past while, I have largely worked with alternative photographic and printing processes, sometimes incorporating mixed media such as painting or collage. Oftentimes, the origin of a work will begin digitally- such as a digital photograph or a digitally manipulated image- and evolve until the end result is printed in a more traditional, analogue manner. 

The process that I most frequently use is called 'cyanotype' and is the origin of the term 'blue print'. This process is famed for the distinctive blue tonal ranges it achieves, and is an ideal process to work with to capture my fascination with the natural word and ocean. Many of these images started as digital photographs that were then converted to and printed as

photographic negatives. 

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