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2) Surveying and Collecting

'Surveying and Collecting' presents works that followed my initial investigations as I surveyed various beaches, navigating ideas of the shores I travelled to as well as the fauna and flora that I encountered or sometimes  collected in these environments. While 'Making and Note-taking' focused specifically on cyanotypes, this section introduces how my art - making diverged to also include Polaroid emulsion lifts, algae pressings and lumen prints. Synthetic findings in the form of beached plastics

also seep into this section.

'Using Seascapes, Creating Seascapes', 2020


This video presents moments of chemical interactions between sensitised surfaces and chemistry and organic elements such as light, air, salt, sand or water. As Noted in Chapter Five of my Dissertation: "The movements of water during gentle agitations of these photographic rinse trays are also at times reminiscent of tidal ebbs and flows while the changing aesthetics and chemical reactions of coated cyanotype paper and their accompanying sepia tonal shifts can be visually paralleled with aerial views of sandy and rocky shores"  



spontanious coast 1.jpg

'Spontaneous Shore', 2019 - 2020

tea - toned cyanotypes on fabriano, 19 x 22,7 cm EACH


'A Seascape Imagined ', 2020

Polaroid emulsion lifts on fabriano, 42,8 x 45,5 cm 


'Pressing, Lifting, Drifting', 2020


This video piece gives a visual suggestion of the processes behind algae pressings and Polaroid emulsion lifts while also alluding to the environments that these processes depict or matter was collected from them. As Noted in Chapter Five of my Dissertation : "...movements of water in tidal currents, delicate emulsions in rinse trays filled with collected ocean water parallel delicate bits of drifting kelp...

Pressing lettice.jpg

'Organic and Synthetic : Pressings', 2019 - 2020 

pressed algae and plastic, 29,5 x 43 cm EACH

Lumen red algae two.jpg

'Field Notes: Illuminated Algae', 2019- 2020

lumen prints on silver gelatin paper, sizes vary