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3) Selecting and Imitating

'Selecting and Imitating' funnels visual explorations of the plastics that I encountered during my research and how some of these became incorporated within my art - making. This selection - amidst the many examples of plastics that I noted in marine environments - was guided by those that most struck me as well as ideas of plastics as 'imitators', oftentimes imitating organic marine inhabitants or debris. As noted in Chapter One of my Dissertation : " This investigation aims to especially highlight small moments that are easily missed as opposed to more apparent ones

that are in plain sight." 

'Plastic Blues', 2020


This video piece alludes to the incorporation of collected plastics within my art - making, as well as the environments in which these plastics were encountered. The results of these processes are visuals that juxtapose organic and synthetic, inhabitant and imposter. Despite the dismal reality that the incorporation of plastics present, the outcomes can be quite visually appealing. As noted in Chapter Four of my Dissertation " ... the juxtaposition of the visual appeal of a work with the disturbing reality it represents is one that is most useful to consider within my art making for this project." 


'Organic and Synthetic: Light and Depth', 2020

cyanotypes on fabriano, 27,7 x 29,4cm EACH


'Organic and Synthetic: Illuminated', 2019 - 2020

lumen prints on silver gelatin paper, sizes vary


'Plastic Stain', 2019 

cyanotypes on fabriano, 21,4 x 26,3 cm EACH

plastic image.jpg

'Amidst the Kelp, Amidst the Sand', 2020


This video piece gives a glimpse of in - situ moments where I collected beached plastics along various beaches, be it drenched in or resting above the sands or amidst  beached kelps. It also gives a brief glimpse into the Polaroid emulsion lift process, alluding to the material similarity between these emulsions with curtain plastics, as noted Chapter Five of my Dissertation : "The materiality of emulsion lifts is ideal within the concerns of this project and I have already noted how they are it is in many ways reminiscence of the texture of certain plastics". 

polaroid detail.jpg

'Field Notes: a Delicate Collection ', 2020

Polaroid emulsion lifts on fabriano, 14,5 x 18,7 cm EACH