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This final, brief 'Epilogue' page considers notes made in the conclusion of my dissertation, and how this project can end with possible areas of exploration for the future. The works below are test prints using Caffenol photographic developer and a highly concentrated salt solution as photographic fixative. 


As noted in the final pages of my dissertation: "This process replaces the chemical developer and fixative conventionally used in black and white darkroom processes with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Coffee granules, vitamin C powder and washing soda are used to create a developer while an overnight soak in a saturated saline solution is used to stabilise the image in place of photographic fixer. In keeping with the nature of this project, I created photograms of collected kelps.I thus end this this dissertation with images of experiments that speak to the art-making that accompanied this research, created in a new medium and hinting to how the interests of “At low tide: an absence of water, and abundance of plastic” may instigate future personal endeavours."



Experiments with Caffenol developer (2020).

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